Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Nature of Worship

There comes a time in a young Christian’s life when one wants to encounter and discover the faith imbibed by parents and then, begins to ask questions:

 Is God really there? Does He love me? 

Of course in catechism we have been taught all these things but with the society we live in and the numerous churches with their diverse modes of worship, one begins to wonder.  As a result of such confusion, I think this is when one needs to go back to the root of all worship which is God.
We know for sure that there’s a supreme being that created earth and the universe because, we certainly did not create them. We all worship God because we believe He is the author of life and everything in our whole existence is subject to His will and also most importantly, He’s our savior. We know this is true because, He has left historical facts in the world to prove His existence to man by dying for us and also by performing miracles through His saints and prophets. So, it is only logical to serve a God that is the author of your life and has power over it.

This then brings us to the question of how He should be worshiped.  Since we know there is only one God, one author of life that deserves your worship, to know how to worship Him, you have to learn about Him. Imagine your parents did not have any money to send you to school and you have a benefactor who uses his money to take you through school. Funds your primary, secondary, and university education and then gets you a high paying job and you want to thank him but you never really knew him. The logical thing to do is to try to get to know him, find out his likes and dislikes then thank him according to what he likes. This is the same with God, we know there is only one God so there should also be only one way to worship Him which means if a mode of worship is proven to be authentic, then all the other modes of worship should be in the form of worship which is modeled according to what God likes.

In my opinion, I have realized that most churches nowadays are based on how people feel like worshiping and this is why we have so many of them, we keep forgetting we are not worshiping ourselves but God. I think we should worship God according to what suits Him and not us. Let us try to get to know Him so that we can worship Him in spirit and in truth.