Saturday, January 21, 2012

A New Life in Christ

A new year has come, filled with opportunities and second chances. Most of us would probably have had it all planned out: get a better job, excel in studies, find Mr or Mrs Right and we are probably working towards it.
But there’s one more thing missing in our agenda for the year: a closer relationship with God.
Without this our plans will bear no fruit and probably would not come to pass. The fact we are alive today shows God’s special love for us, we made it to 2012, many didn’t and its not because we are better than them but probably because it wasn’t our time or God shined His favour on us.
Let us appreciate this and return the favour. We do not know what this year holds, its all in Gods hands but no matter what happens if we are true to Him he would take care of us.
Being true to Him means living our faith with love, doing everything possible to get to know Him better and serve Him better.
It is often said that new year resolutions are broken after the first week they are made- not necessarily. Its all in the will. We would definitely fall a couple of times because leaving old bad habits is almost impossible but we can do it! If you and I put our minds to it, with the help of Our Blessed Mother we can do it!
Here are a few suggestions on how we can improve our relationship with God this year
  • ·         Create a prayer time table and try to stick by it: praying at certain times helps you to be consistent at prayer.
  • ·         Say the Rosary every day: it’s a beautiful prayer and it has so many wonderful promises attached to it
  • ·         Read the Bible for 15 mins at least every day: It is good for meditation and helps us understand the faith more coupled with its doctrine
  • ·         Read spiritual books: That’s the only way we can grow in the faith especially now we have the means to do this ourselves, culpable ignorance is punishable.
  • ·         Go to Mass at least every Sunday: Apart from it being a Mortal sin not to, it is a good start to cultivate the habit of spending time with God in His house and I’m pretty sure once you understand the beauty of this Eucharistic Celebration you might resolve to go every day.
  • ·         Go to confession regularly:  as people with human frailty we will definitely fall many times but Our Lord forgives as many times as possible, He will never forsake us, go to Him, ask for pardon and begin again.

Growing in Christ gives one a whole new perspective of the world and why we are here; let us not forget  His words

What doth it profit a man if he gained the whole world and suffered the loss of his soul?
Matthew 16: 26

Happy New Year.