Thursday, June 7, 2012

God is Real!

As devastating as the recent Dana airline crash was in Nigeria on Sunday(May their Souls rest in Peace), there are still a few people who would have died but by God's special grace are alive today.

There was a certain man who was going to go on the plane but his wife kept telling him not to since he would still be going back to work on monday, which was the previous day, but the man said that even if he would just fly in and spend an hour with his family it would be worth it as he hadn't seen them for two weeks.

The wife tried to persuade him but he still insisted, when she realised her persuading was futile she gathered her children and prayed to Saint Joseph for her husband.
The man was in the airport waiting to go on the DANA aircraft with his colleagues when a stranger just came to him and handed his a ticket to travel with an entirely different airline. He hesitated at first but when he realized that airline was flying earlier he accepted the ticket and went on the airline.

The flight was from Abuja to Lagos, he arrived in Lagos safely.
On his way home with his family-who picked him up from the airport,he heard on news that the Dana airplane crashed!in Lagos

That's not all

The name on the ticket of the airline he eventually boarded was JOSEPH.

Please tell this story to as many people as possible God is real, Saints intercede for us!

Saint Joseph pray for us. Amen