Monday, January 21, 2013

If Only....

In the New Year, many of us get excited about the prospect of becoming better people so we create for ourselves New Year resolutions which we usually stick to for 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately after a while we find ourselves returning to our previous habits because we have lost the excitement of carrying out the new ones.
I did not write New Year Resolutions this year, not because I forgot but because I was afraid I would not be able to carry them out all through. Sometimes one could wonder if it is ever possible to change bad habits or live a constant spiritual life because we are often faced with distractions, but then I thought to myself, If I was to get a job which paid a million Naira every week and the requirements were to get to work at 8am, close at 7pm, get a month leave and an all-expense paid trip to any country of my choice, even if I get tired of the work pattern would I quit?

Many of us break old/bad habits in order to be successful in life, for example one would be willing to and break the habit of waking up at noon if he had a 6 figure salary job that required him to wake up at 5.30am and one would break the habit of eating fatty foods if one wanted to lose weight. So if one can break certain patterns of behaviour to achieve trivial results then we can do the same in our Christian lives.

I believe two of the major reasons people succeed in earthly endeavors are either

·         Love(passion for what they love doing)
·         The desire to win (to want to be successful).

If one loves his/her job, no setback would be too much to handle because one overlooks it and if one has the constant desire to win one would see obstacles as stepping stones. Just imagine if you and I put all this effort into our spiritual lives! Ours would be

·         Love (for God)/ passion to do His Will
·         The desire to want to make Heaven

Imagine an eternity overflowing with Love and endless Heavenly reward. Imagine all our worries cast away just by doing God’s will, imagine all the things He has in store for us!

If only our desire for earthly reward is as great as our desire for Heaven.

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