Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Relationship between Leprosy and Sin

Leprosy is a severe ailment like Cancer. Lepers are usually quarantined and isolated from people, the same way we are separated from God when we continue to live in Sin.

Leprosy disfigures the image of the leper. Just as the skin begins to peel off or smoulder so does Sin disfigure the image of our souls and can even disfigure us physically for example, a lot of smokers and drug addicts deteriorate physically. There was a story told by Leonardo Da Vinci which was written that when he wanted to paint The Last Supper, he looked for good looking people to paint the faces of the apostles and to paint Christ he search for a very handsome man with hazel eyes and a pointed nose, then when it was time to paint Judas he looked and looked and could not find anyone ugly enough so he went to a prison and he found a man. As he was painting the man said ‘wait! I know you, you are the one who used me to paint Jesus' here it is clear that his life of Sin disfigured his face.

Leprosy starts from just a part of the body then continues to spread like wild fire and so does Sin, it starts from something small and continues. Just the way Leprosy is contagious so is Sin, a friend with vices can affect another friend trying to do the right thing, be careful!
Leprosy makes you lose the sense of pain, it is said that some lepers even try to bathe with piping hot water to feel pain so that they can feel alive and so is Sin. When one lives continuously in it he loses the sense of sin and enjoys it.

Sin takes you further than you want to go, keeps you longer than you want to stay and costs you more than you want to pay! So let's all reconcile with God today, through the Sacrament of Reconciliation and try to stay away from Sin.

God bless.

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