Friday, September 2, 2011

Catholic Prayers from Childhood Part 1

From as far back as I can remember I have always said certain prayers that I know them like the back of my hand. Sometimes I grumbled slightly when my parents made us pray, not because I hated it but because I thought they were "too many" prayers! Now I'm older I have realized there can be never such a thing as too many prayers! I now believe that the more we live, the more we pray, we need our Lord's guidance in our lives in whatever we do no matter how trivial it is. Plus He is always waiting for us to talk to Him and the best way to do this is through prayer!

here are a few that I grew attached to and have come to love over the years. I'm still not good at praying  alone nor without distraction but I ask God to give me the grace to fully understand its importance and value.

P.S: the Pieta  is my favorite catholic prayer book. It is quite small but it holds enormous treasure! try to get one and you might understand what I mean

Prayer For Daily Neglects

Eternal Father, 
I offer Thee the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 
with all its love, 
all its sufferings and all its merits.

First --- 

To expiate all the sins 
I have committed this day and during all my life. 

Gloria Patri. 

Second --- 

To purify the good I have done poorly this day 
and during all my life. 

Gloria Patri. 

Third --- 

To supply for the good I ought to have done, 
and that I have neglected this day and all my life. 

Gloria Patri. 

A Poor Clare sister who had just died, appeared to her 
Abbess who was praying for her, and said to her: "I 
went straight to heaven, for, by means of this prayer, 
recited every evening, I paid all my debts." 

- The Pieta

The  Miracle prayer

Lord Jesus, I come before Thee, just as I am, I am sorry for my sins, I repent of my sins, please forgive me. In Thy Name, I forgive all others for what they have done against me. I renounce Satan, the evil spirits and all their works. I give Thee my entire self, Lord Jesus, now and forever, I invite Thee into my life Jesus, I accept Thee as my Lord God and Savior. Heal me, change me, strengthen me in body, soul, and spirit.
Come Lord Jesus, cover me with Thy Precious Blood, and fill me with Thy Holy Spirit, I love Thee Lord Jesus, I praise Thee Lord Jesus, I thank Thee Jesus, I shall follow Thee every day of my life. Amen.

Mary, My Mother, Queen of Peace, all the Angels and Saints, please help me. Amen.

Pro-life Prayer

O Lord, Giver of Life, provider of health and happiness. We offer You the souls of aborted babies. We beg for pardon for those who have committed this act of murder. We pray for the old, the sick and the suffering who are killed by the painful act of Euthanasia. We beg of thee Lord to remove the vices of immorality and indecency and inculcate in our hearts the virtues of Chastity and Holy Purity. We pray for the upliftement of family values and the restoration of the family, as the first institution of the child's development  physically, mentally and spiritually.  Father we also ask of thee to fix in our hearts lively sentiments of faith hope and love for life that we may attain peace in the womb, peace in our hearts, minds, souls and eventually peace in the world. we say this prayer through Christ our lord. Amen

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