Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is it Worth It?

I'm very hungry at the moment and I see a slightly rotten apple. Its looks very sweet; it is as red as ever and shines with delightful taste. I can't resist looking at it because it looks scrumptous! but wait! I know its rotten and if I have it I'm definitely going to have a tummy ache! I might decide to eat it anyway and endure the coming ache or I might decide not to and look for something else to eat.
Every decision we make  in life always comes with consequences and we do them probably because we are ready to take responsibility for our actions. 
I think there comes a time in life where as young catholics we have have to look inward and motivate ourselves to live the faith. Our environment is a terrible means of motivation, it is very difficult to obey God's commandments in this world. We are filled with distractions from all over; music, fashion, movies and all other forms of entertainment. Some times its difficult to find someone who's trying to live the faith like you and its also difficult for you to live like you, but one thing we could ask ourselves is; is it worth it? following the band wagon? acting as we like? accepting every single thing around us? being dormant?
Every great man or woman in history till date is remembered for something; being different. If they all followed the current we wont hear about them today. They were normal people like you and I with weakness and fears but they caused change! and this was done by standing out and doing ordinary things extraordinarily!
There is one particular thing in vogue now and (according to the world) if you are not part of it you better curl yourself up by the corner of your room and weep! most television programmes, music, fashion and other forms of entertainment slap us hard with sexual content. There is hardly a place you go without something beckoning you to participate, it almost seems like the world is on a mission to drown everyone in the sea of promiscuity. We should ask ourselves; is it worth it? satisfying our carnal nature for a few minutes or hours then facing billions of years in Hell?
Many people come up with varying excuses to justify premarital sex but till now none makes sense! I was told a while ago that sex helps prevent cancer, well... so does eating a healthy meal and going for regular checkups at the hospital. I was also told that there would be no fireworks if one keeps his/her virginity till marriage, well... there will be in heaven coupled with a great reward the person will receive and oh, yeah! there WILL be fireworks! at least in the person's heart and thats good enough.
No one is perfect but we have to strive to do Our Lord's will. Acting in the ways of the world is not worth it because it only brings pain and more pain in Hell, engaging in premarital sex attaches a lot of deadly consequences ranging from serious health risks to a chain of psychological and spiritual consequences that could damage one's life permanently.
Human beings are creative,there are other ways besides sex one can engage in and in the long run these even prove more the level of love couples have for each other because it shows the tremendous respect they have for themselves and that sex does not determine their relationship. This is often the confusion those who engage in premarital sex have, one is never sure what binds them together, two people who were never meant to be create unhealthy sexual bonds for themselves which they cannot let go and so end up entangled in a web of sexual slavery. Abstinence shows the level of maturity and commitment couples have and it shows that we are truly human because human beings are intelligent and do not act solely on instinct, we are capable of self control and discipline with the grace of God.
 A way we could help ourselves is instead of looking for "trouble" in particular places or with particular people we could make good use of our time by doing other things which will gain graces for us. A few years of ridicule and resistance to temptation is always better than loss of friendship with God for a wise man.

P.s: Every night one could say 3 Hail Mary's for Purity and trust me, it works!


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