Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gratitude, Forever and Ever

Sometimes the good things in life make one so happy. A loving family, good friends and good luck which can be interpreted as the grace of God. With so much happiness surrounding someone it is hard to remember that there are those who suffer and are deprived of such love and happiness.
When I was younger my mum always told me never to waste food. Sometimes I thought, 'isn't it my food? I can't finish it so why don't I throw the rest away? and then she would see my sulking face and say ' you have excess food to eat while there are those who do not have even a grain of rice to eat'. A grain of rice might sound far fetched but there actually are people in the world who experience terrible famine and have to scrape the dust of the earth to find food. I watched a news broadcast of  Ethiopia and I was moved to tears. I wished I could retrieve all the food I secretly disposed of when I was younger. It might look so long ago and one might think it doesn't happen anymore... well... it does.
Many of us do not realize how lucky we are. We wake up everyday with no inkling of what must have happened while we were asleep, we go about our everyday work with or without stress, we are ALIVE! and I think that is one of  the most precious things we have. Its not really easy to convince someone going through a hard time that he/she is lucky to be alive because it seems like nothing, especially if he/she is going through really tough times. But one can look at it this way, at least one still has the chance to change the bad situation into good. With the help of prayer nothing is impossible with God.
Some  say when bad things happen it means that God has forgotten His people or the grace of God has left someone. I don't think I agree, bad things happen for a reason just like good things. There are many cases where more good comes out of something bad or evil, the most common being Christ's death on the cross. I think when something terrible happens to someone it is a test or challenge for one to make the best out of it, to use it to gain merit and once that is done the reward is countless. One could be reminded of Job in the bible  who got a million fold what he lost all because of his perseverance and trust in God.
Sometimes life on earth is so wonderful and sweet that one might not want to leave it and I think that is why many are afraid of death, mainly because they love their lives too much and because they do not know what lies in store for them after this world. Well, that's why Christ keeps calling us to be like Him, that way we would not fear what lies beyond the passing shadows of this life.
Sometimes one might think he/she is heaven bound, more often than naught thoughts like how long eternity is might flood one's mind, how endless and infinite forever and ever is. If 20 billion years pass, eternity hasn't started, 50, 100 even 2000 billion years! it could be quite depressing thinking of eternity but I think what should make one depressed is where one would be! eternity in Heaven would know no bounds, it would be beautiful and ecstatic! however eternity in Hell would be terrible and horrible. So I think we should thank God for the life He has given us to be able to work out our salvation so that we spend eternity in the right place. Maybe if we think of that we would be grateful for  life at least.

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