Sunday, June 19, 2011

The shocking fact!!!

It is often said that when new ways of doing things do not work go back to old ways of doing things.
I could have started with the stats and all but I know we are very familiar with them that there is a high rate abortion the use of contraception and promiscuity. After years and years of thinking finally the solution is here! The solution is old and very effective; the solution is painless and often strengthens the bond between the couple…. Wait for it, you probably have already figured it out…yes! It’s ABSTINENCE.
For unmarried couples a man who can wait no matter how hard it isdefinitely loves the girl, the girl is sure that he does not just lust over her but that he really wants her, she does not feel insecure when he is talking to other girls, he does not suspect her unnecessarily because there is trust. He does not talk to her any how because there is respect.
Love, Respect and trust= happy married life!
Here I am not just talking about abstinence for unmarried but even married couples who want to space their children.
When a man is given the option of contraception he is being told that he has no self- control and just has to do it, he is being told that he should do it without worrying about the consequences. That is the same mentality behind a man cheating on his wife, ‘doing it without worrying about the consequences’, that is the same mentality behind abortion ‘doing it without worrying about the consequences’. We can see that no matter how they differ in definitions they are all saying the same thing. Its almost as if different words are used to mean the same thing.
When a man really loves his wife he should be able to abstain from her if she is sick or just recovering from the birth of a child, it is selfish for him to make sure he goes on using contraception. As much as sex is a drive, it is controllable, because man is not only a sexual being but a being that reasons! He has a cortex and a prefrontal lobe that is able to make decisions and decide that no matter how strong the drive is reason is superior to it. It is the reason that makes a man even when aroused by someone who is not his wife to say ‘I will not do it’ love makes him say ‘I have a wife’.
So what is lacking is the use of reason as intellectual beings and love. There you have it the shocking truth revealed.

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