Friday, May 20, 2011

Back to The Roots

If you ask me if I am Catholic I would definitely say "yes I am!" its really easy to say but what I ponder within myself is " am I truly Catholic?"
There is this famous quote that is used in many occasions "actions speak louder than words" and it could also be related to this. The Catholic Church has strict Laws and Dogmas which make up the culture of the faith and the Creed is a standard summary of everything believed.
 Many people think Catholics are "too strict" because the church has so many "rules" and " guidelines" that probably must be obeyed in order to make heaven. I see them as such because they help to keep man on track and this is really necessary especially in this day and age where there are so many laws which contradict even our very human nature! sometimes people get so caught up in the world that they tend to bend the rules of the church to suit themselves while some just leave because they prefer to succumb than become "stiff" and "prudish". I believe the reason why many people are not Catholic is because they are quite overwhelmed by the extreme measures one must go through to become holy and also probably don't believe all that is necessary while some might want a religion where it is easy to compromise and suit their standard of living, one that is "stress free". We should not forget that Jesus Christ gave His WHOLE self to us, the love He had was immeasurable, He shed every drop of His Blood and this was because of His immense Love for Mankind. So if Jesus Christ God could give of Himself to mere creatures like us why should we deny Him ourselves? I am quite sure it all boils down to Love. I think if we love God we would not have to compromise anything  to serve Him.
Many issues the world faces today is possibly due to Godlessness and pride. Man has forgotten the price that was paid for his salvation, God-given intelligence is repaid by denying His existence and mockery, it is almost biblical. Let us not forget that most of civilization was brought by religion and this is probably the only way we can achieve a stable nation.
Catholics need to learn their faith thoroughly, many have formed new  teachings and misunderstood  the church. In this case I think it would be advisable to go way back to the original teachings especially on issues which contradict  human life, sexuality, papacy and beatification . One should study these objectively and try to live accordingly without compromise because Christ did not compromise when he decided to die for us.

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