Sunday, April 3, 2011

Now is The Time

 Saint Chrysostom was walking through the dessert one day and he saw a skull. God permitted the skull to talk to him so he asked, ‘where are you’ the skull said ‘I am in hell’. Then Saint Chrysostom asked ‘why are you in hell?’ and the skull replied ‘I am in hell because I did not believe and respect the Blessed Trinity’. The skull also told Saint Chrysostom that he was in a very deep part of hell. Saint Chrysostom asked ‘is there any place worse than the part of hell you are in?’ the skull replied ‘yes’ then he asked ‘who are the people there?’ then the Skull said ‘LUKEWARM CATHOLICS’
Dear Catholic it is time for you to wake up, we cannot be lukewarm with our Faith, we have to take the sacraments more serious because they are our only way of making heaven, we should go for Confession often, pray(especially the Holy Rosary), attend Mass often especially on Sundays and engage in other Pious practices. We should ask God to give us the grace to do His will in every aspect of our Lives.
May God help us all Amen.

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