Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love does it ALL

I'm sure some might think why all of a sudden some young person feels she can just wake up one morning and talk about God or her faith, advice people about what to do as if she knows it all or teach about the faith when she could be wrong! the truth is this is something we  are all meant to do!
I remember once how happy I was to receive my first holy communion and it was one of the happiest days of my life. I felt joy that I would receive Jesus for the first time and it was overwhelming to me. There are times in our lives where religion becomes common place, some people say it is mostly at old age because they believe one has to become 'holy' since he/she is approaching the grave. But then I wonder what one would say about those who die early, what then? anyone could die at any time? is there a time frame to be holy and when not to be?
I believe the easiest way to grow in holiness is to develop a genuine love for God. Most times we probably do things or try to keep the commandments consciously or unconsciously because of hell.  It is also like going for confession just because we don't want to go to hell, when it is meant to be because we are sorry for offending Him who loves us so much. Fear is a good motivator to get things done but it usually lacks love. I truly believe that if one gets to know God he/she would understand His ways and love Him. I also think that that's why God made it the greatest commandment because when you love someone you go through any pain, accept any form of ridicule or disapproval just to please that one person, you do not care about what people think and would do all in your power to please the person. once one has love for God I believe everything falls into place, things that we once thought we could never let go of become unnecessary because we have developed new priorities, we would not even care about most worldly things because there is already something filling the void which is  the love for Jesus, His Blessed Mother and heavenly beings. It is possible for some people to think that life would become boring once one becomes holy, even if I haven't reached that stage I do not agree. Yes it might look boring to those who are still caught up with things of the world that seem exciting to them but I think people have different priorities. some live for the world while some live for heaven and that's how life is.

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