Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Basic Tools for Building Prayer Life

I am  a young Catholic, filled with the spirit of eagerness to make Heaven, sometimes its easy, sometimes it seems impossible. My prayers are hard and difficult  to say because there is something always more interesting to do, something more "fun". I want to make It, but its hard! to give up the sweetness and excitement of extravagance, to moderate pleasure is depressing! to be disliked by most is torture! but wait! Jesus Christ did it? He Did!!! for love of me! I like fun but I am not heartless! I should be grateful, I should be thankful, I should show love! O the temptation is back, how do I walk the straight path? I'm not that brave, I cant do it on my own. I bet someday, I'll find a way, or better still I should struggle to go to church and let God speak to me. Ah yes! the basic tools of life! I could start from there:
  1. MASS
I could start from there.

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