Sunday, March 27, 2011

Self Denial

The season of lent is a perfect time to practice self denial. Not only does it help us spiritually but also on self improvement. there are a few things we might have liked not to do or do but due to our human nature we find it difficult to. For instance one might want to read a bit more but most times finds it difficult because he/she is always facebooking. this lent instead of thinking of how sad and boring life would be for the next couple of weeks one can see it as how he/she would become much smarter after the next couple of weeks. its all in the mind and it also depends on how you approach the situation. Another instance can be if one is always used to taking the train or bus to close distances and wants to give that up, one could think of it as exercise. 
Prayer is another thing most of us find difficult, it doesn't mean we are evil, its just because it is quite difficult kneeling in one position for a long time and the average attention span of an individual is probably about 30 mins. One thing I think can be done (which has helped me a lot) is to think of all the people who need our prayers; our loved ones, family, friends, the world at large. we could think of natural disasters and how prayer can help the inhabitants use them as a means for conversion. we could think of our own needs and how prayer would help us combat our sinful nature. I'm sure by the time these things run through our minds we wont find it difficult to pray. Besides if one looks at it, if we knew for certain the world was ending tomorrow we would not mind praying the whole day! (I wont, ha ha!)
Ultimately its all for the love of God and remember, your mindset determines if lent would be fruitful or fruitless.

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