Friday, September 16, 2011

Meat on Friday

It has been announced that all baptized Catholics are to abstain from meat consumption every Friday!
This might sound impossible for some but it is not and here are the reasons:

  1. first of all as Catholics we are obliged to express some form of love for our Lord Jesus Christ who suffered and died for us. Is it asking too much to show a little love by honoring His passion and by being grateful for it? is it asking too much to show a bit of compassion by participating in some little way in His sufferings by denying ourselves of something pleasurable for His sake like He did for ours? certainly not!
  2. The idea that it is quite unrealistic to abstain from beef for just one day is absurd! its all in the mind. There are many times we have given up things we enjoy like sleep, alcohol, TV or ice cream because we need to wake up early enough for that job or school or take care of our health and we motivate ourselves to do these things, most times we even forget we are sacrificing something because we have our goal in sight. In this case our goal is to make heaven and if abstaining on Friday will help us with that it is indeed very reasonable!
  3. Lets look at it as a day for being creative! aren't you tired of that beef stew or chicken and chips? time to try something healthy and tasty at the same time; fish! you can roast it, fry it, season with curry and pepper, you'd love its delightful taste! It could also be another way of varying our diet, trying something new which also improves our physical and spiritual well being.
  4. This helps keep our Catholic identity, it fosters unity among us knowing that we are all in this together, on this race to eternal salvation

Besides to be honest many of us probably wont engage ourselves in any form of penance if not obliged to, lets not forget there is no crown without a cross, success is achieved through sacrifice and hard work and this is exactly how it is from the spiritual aspect.
So don't worry, you won't die, you can do it!!!

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  1. I find it very hard to do penance unless I am bound to buy mortal sin, and even then it's hard.

    My love is cold. But the point of these obligations are for us to blow on the dying embers of our charity to help them turn into flames.